An innovative storyteller making waves on the Miami scene, RIMIDI is a performance artist, vocalist, songwriter, musician, and educator at the cutting edge of experimental alternative soul. RIMIDI performs on vocals and bass guitar with bandmates Danielle “Danny” Morrison (bass) and Roderick “Big Rod 305” Williams (drums), thriving at the intersection of soul grunge and new age sound, and known for her lyrical realism and charismatic delivery.  

Emotion lies at the core of RIMIDI’s musical journey, apparent in her candid, heartfelt lyrics and colorful sound. She draws influence from memories of growing up in a household that saw no boundaries between genres: Sade, Anita Baker, and Bootsy Collins were at home alongside George Michaels and Prince in a perpetual soundtrack that shaped her childhood. RIMIDI showed an early talent for writing, filling notebooks with poetry and intuitive wordplay at the age of eleven and founding a girl group at her middle school, for which she composed a majority of the songs. When her mother gave RIMIDI her first karaoke machine, her path as an artist became clear..



RIMIDI is a sought-after collaborator known for her industry expertise both on stage and off. In 2018, she performed as a background vocalist for Aloe Blacc on ABC’s ​The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration​, and in 2010 was featured on Slim Thug’s song “Movie” from his album ​Tha Thug Show​. She is an alumna of Betty Wright’s “The M.O.S.T.” songwriting camp, and is the founder and owner of a record label, Noom Recordings, and a music publishing company, RIMIDI MUSIC.   

RIMIDI believes music is a powerful vehicle for young people to build character, grow creatively, and reach their full potential. A former public and private school teacher, she holds a Master of Education degree from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, and now serves as a mentor and vocal instructor for Miami-based nonprofit Guitars Over Guns. RIMIDI is also the proud founder and CEO of ​GEM Culture​, a 501(c)(3) youth organization empowering girls ages 11-17 to connect with themselves and one another through workshops that emphasize mindfulness and self-love, celebrate women pioneers in the local community, and embrace a spirit of adventure.   

In September 2020, fans can look forward to the release of RIMIDI'S latest single, "BRUCE BANNER" from RIMIDI’s hotly anticipated second album – CO-PRODUCED WITH FUDAKOCHI AND ELIJAH GEE. The upcoming album, whoSE name and release date have yet to be released, is a follow-up to her psychedelic 2013 EP, "​The Dopamine Collection, Vol. 1", PRODUCED BY FORREST DARDEN III​. To learn more about RIMIDI and TO find out about upcoming shows and projects, visit ​​.