Well, clearly I missed the full moon newsletter for April (but we're still gonna call it that) so because of that, I've gotta reach out to you today because, just because. Did you miss me? 

Ion gon' even lie... I've been GOING THROUGH IT! 

Life is good but I am no longer going to hold back what I feel for the sake of being LIKED. #FUCKTHAT 

Was I ever really that person? Hell nah. But if I ever was, death to that part of me. We need to see, know and feel that it is ok to feel and that we won't always feel peachy and that is ok. As long as we accept this truth and allow ourselves to move through what we are feeling with honesty, we will come out fine on the other side and back to our peachy selves. 


You are a hero, great one. But even heroes have their off days. If anyone tells you anything differently, #theliedetectorsaysthatisalie. Ok? 

Let's start there. Elon Musk is set to buy Twitter for $44 BILLION DOLLARS. Why do we care? We don't. I mean, he could literally end world hunger and homelessness with that kind of money, but I digress. We should care, though, to see that he is a prime example that we are the true creators of this experience. Yes, he came from a rich family but I can assure you that these treasures could also, too, be yours if you want them. We have to learn that even though others may have the advantage due to their rich mamas and daddies who probably gained their wealth from the apartheid and complete devastation and stolen labor of an entire people, we are also worthy of such things. And, if we truly want them, we may have them. It may take a little extra time, effort and energy or possibly some mind tricks, but it is indeed possible because what is ours, shall be. Let us do our best to focus on the prize versus the obstacles. This may take a little work reprogramming our minds but it can and will be done. Contrary to belief and due to some very serious programming, there is more to life than money. Life is about abundance which we can find EVERYWHERE if we really take a moment to really look around and find it. This month and for the rest of the year, plan to be a better steward of all of your resources, including your money, and use them wisely. For some of us, this will be a challenge but we got this. 

On behalf of the last days of Financial Literacy Month, here is a resource for your children which may also benefit you if you need a little bit of assistance (or a lot) in the area of finances: 

Become a Better Steward of Your Money Here.

And if you want a bit of a challenge that can change your life, get into learning more about stocks, crypto and investments. Here is a really cool group that I love. And although it is made specifically with the black woman in mind, it is an inclusive space for women, men, all genders and races. If you are already a pro at investing, it should still serve as a good resource for you. Check it out here.

Okay, let's get to why we are here.

It’s super busy in the cosmos. Oh my! 

It may be a good time to connect with an astrologer to see how this movement affects and impacts your life specifically so that you may better transition through it. 

There is a partial solar eclipse in Taurus tomorrow, Saturday, April 30th; a total lunar eclipse on May 15th in Scorpio, and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini on May 10th - June 3rd with a shadow period two (2) weeks before and two (2) weeks afterwards. There is also a whole lot of other stuff that I am still learning to explain. But if you know anything me, you know that I am psychic and that I am intuitive. I always know what is happening in the cosmos and within even if I have yet to have the language for it. 

There is lots of power coming through to support you in autonomy, your ownership and in sexuality. It is the time to own up to who you are, my dear Gods and Goddesses. Some of you, many of us I shall say, are resisting this truth so very bad. Like, why? Damn, these programmings got you in a serious chokehold. Rise up! The stubborn yet down to earth Taurus brings in stability, beauty and wealth. Hell yea. But for this to come through, you’ve really got to get real with yourself. And if these areas are on point in your life, good for you. They shall be strengthen and magnified and new ways to bring this in greater shall come through. Be careful, though, because I sense some looney periods happening surrounding money for us all. But you and I both know that there are areas where we all can seek improvement so no walking around here like the bourgeois, ok? We’ve all got something to work on and we’d be better to be more kind and compassionate to one another during this time. A lot of us have been and will probably continue to be in our heads but it is time to really be present to observe ourselves in action so that we may acknowledge, accept and gain better control of this aspect of ourselves. Do find yourself in social settings, making connections with new energies and opportunities. Open up your mouths because closed mouths do not get fed. This is a good time to learn new things and to chat with others who may put you onto new information and things you never knew that may impact your life in such a transformative way. And yoga, I just heard yoga

Also to add, mother and father wounds, as well as our interpersonal relationships with others, are coming up for healing. Emotional baggage is about to purged if you allow so hold on!!!! Things are about to get rough emotional and intense! Y’all know that I am a Scorpio and we are the deepest of all the divers - deep into the unknown, deep into the dark, deep into, well, EVERYTHING. As we move through this energy, you better hold on tight because I don’t know man, I don’t know how many of you will be able to hang on. If you’ve never seen a therapist or life coach before now is the most auspicious time to do so. A LOT WILL BE COMING UP!!! Remove the pride, the inhibitions or whatever the hell is keeping you from doing so and go get yourself one. I know that you think that you can do this by yourself and I know that you are "strong" but I am sorry, you just can't. There are resources available to you. And, I know I told y’all that your friends are not your therapist, because they are not, but if you do not have one and your friends are able to hold space for you - DO THAT. Do something. Just don’t hold it in! It is time for you to understand that in order for this experience to elevate for us all, we must all accept and take accountability for our own individual healing.

Love is coming through, love is coming through, love is coming through!!! Let it!!! I wouldn’t advise casual sex because I know how important the exchange of sexual energy is but if you shall have this moment, make sure that it is with someone that you see eye to eye with, even if only for a little while - even if only for that moment. Just be on the same page. It’s ok if that is all you want, just be real about it. They may just want the same. 

Fall back right now and see what the universe reveals to you. Take no action. Yea. There shall be hasty endings and new beginnings all for your evolution and for the good of all things. See what comes up but let us do our best to remain calm and keep an “it is what it is” state of mind. Let us all be kind to ourselves, too, and check in on your “strong” friends because they are going through it! Whew! 

Ladies, tap into your femininity and embody it. Men, do this with your masculinity. And whatever you identify with, do that. Feel the beauty of them both. Point is, tap in - deeper. 

Also, love on yourself a bit harder, ok? You are so worthy of the love that you desire but give so freely to everyone else. It’s your turn now, always and forever. Love on you as if your life depended on it - because it does. 

Connect with your body. Wake it up. Release the heaviness that the world has plagued upon thee (or so it feels). Connect with your breath. Become one with it. #champagne #dance #indulge #inhealthyways #andwithoutbeingwasteful #buthavefun 

We’ve got to learn what it really means to breathe and to connect with our higher selves and divinity, bruh. It is essential to life. 

Heavy emphasis on the gratitude. 

Thank those who show up and love the fuck out of them. If someone isn’t, hmmm, perhaps it’s time to let it go or maybe give it the space to align once again at a later time. Your spirit knows what’s best so trust it. Either way, whatever is supposed to go at this time will and when it does thank it for it’s time and let it go - with gratitude. No more forcing things, ok? 

I am taking a social media hiatus to tap deeper into this power and into divinity. If you see me, it is because I want to be seen. Any post you see from me will be from my team while I am away. I would honestly suggest that you also take a break. Get into nature. Get into you. All inquiries should be sent via email which can be accessed via my website. I was late on my monthly email for this month but it has been sent out today just in time for this beautiful eclipse and full moon. If you are interested in receiving emails from me, join my mailing list: findyourrimidi.com 

You all take care til then and may your transition during this time be a safe and loving one. Remember to give yourself grace. 



Be easy,


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