Back to pre-pandemic life – never! 


Aquarius Full Moon


Disclaimer: If you've been receiving my emails, I told you all last month that I would be moving my very long emails over to my website, here - in this blog. I figured since I love to write so much, I might as well turn my writing into a hobby. I somehow lost the passion somewhere in along the way in writing which is something I really love to do. I think at the moment when it came alot more than what I love to do is where I lost the passion for it. So yea, here I am writing, getting back to what it is that I love. If you are here right now reading this, it tells me that you are a reader and guess what? This is all for you. Welcome to the new installment of A Blog!


Here goes...

In this new season, we must embrace the changes that have been and that are on the horizon. I sit before my computer writing these thoughts as they come to me, reminding you of what I always tell you. You – great one, are equipped with everything you need to do what you have been assigned to in this life and have came here to do.  

When will you understand this? 

This full moon in Aquarius brings on much excitement, the unknown and unexpected endings. You will feel radical, driven and motivated. You may feel prompted to begin anew but feel like you have no idea where to start? Well, I have come to tell you that you are exactly where you need to be. This new space is freeing as it invites you to be innovative and to explore new ideas and ways of life and living. What beautiful inspiration is this, to live life the way that we please? This is what the pandemic has brought us. This gift is priceless and is however you choose to use it. 

Red or blue pill? Out with the old and in with the new. If you were given a chance at a new way to live, would you take it? Or would you go back to what is familiar even at the cost of your own well-being? We have all been given a glimpse into the new world. Your same old mindset will only keep you in the past and blind you from what lays before you. 

Do you dare to dream? 

Even better, do you dare to push yourself past your comfort zone and limiting beliefs. 

I implore you to fantasize today and to daydream, imagining what your new life looks like. I want you to feel it. Feel it so much that you can taste it. Open up your mouths and say what it is you want and then write it down, as many times as you need to.  

The most important things is that you understand that you are a frequency and whatever frequency you are vibrating on is what you are attracting into your experience. So, if this is true, for Pete’s sake (whomever that is), practice this today. Do it. See what happens six months from now. Do your part and watch the universe conspire to do the rest. It’s really that simple. 

If you need proof, watch my life very closely. Hopefully, my magic will inspire yours.  

Are you ready for your new life? 


When pressure rises in your body, for whatever reason, stop and take very deep and conscious breaths until you no longer feel the intensity in your body. Do this as many times as you like throughout the day.  


There is no use in staying in the past, it only causes depression. Nor is there any use living in the future, OMG, as it brings on great anxiety. Have you stopped to listen to yourself today? What are you saying? Are you in the present moment or are you in the past or future? Today, you should know that staying in the present moment brings you the greatest peace.



I've been hanging out ALOT with @thebandRIMIDI. You should check us out if you can #EveryOtherTuesday. We are going live again for the last time during our soft launch on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 @ 11pm - Midnight. Come through behind the scenes and into our practice space.

Every Tuesday, @thebandRIMIDI and I meet to practice or rehearse. However, every Tuesday in between we go live on our social media platforms bringing you all inside and behind the scenes of our process. We've been doing this for a few weeks now, refining it and getting better.

This past Tuesday at #EveryOtherTuesday, a good friend @RossiniMusic came through and blessed us on the keys. It was a beautiful experience! Let us reiterate that #EveryOtherTuesday is our #SafeSpace and one of the number one rules is NO JUDGMENT. Dare I say that we are artist and are sensitive about our shit so leave the judgment at the door. Being a band takes loads of time together and practice. It's no overnight success, you know? Chill and be a fly on the wall with the first hand view into our process. 

Check it out here:


If you've join the mailing list, you definitely have a free audio goodie in your inbox from this incredible and inspiring evening. If you have yet to join the mailing list, now is the time to get on the bandwagon. 

Til next time.


Be easy,


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