End of the Year Closing Blog Post



2020 - structures needed to come down and outdated ones were exposed. We begin to revisit our true core values, purpose and meaning of life. 

2021 - old systems, structures, beliefs, patterns and old ways of being continue to be stripped down. Tools and ideas are given and/or revealed to you to do your job and fulfill your life purpose but you were still somewhat questioning. You were exposed to snippets of what life could be and shown how you have repeated certain behaviors, patterns and belief systems in areas of your life and what life would like for you should you put into place practical ways to overcome what has been getting in your way and no longer serves you - a way out of the repetition but first, you had to feel it yet once again until you were sick and tired and change was commenced. Your areas of improvement and growth are highlighted. You were shown who you are, your true core values, where you are going and given a practice run of the tools necessary to get there. You challenged and asked questions - aha! That is where great ideas, discoveries lie. 

2022 - your transformation begins to the who you were always meant to be or always was, rather, but forgot due to societal and familial expectations. Doors begin to open with brand new energies behind them thus be prepared to walk through with excellency with no expectations!!!! Also, though, be prepared to do your part. 

Random Thought: 

Church told me that I could never ask questions and that honoring God through a way very unorthodox to the norm was wrong. That is why I left. I never needed anyone to teach me because in this area, I already knew. Most of what I learned contradicted what my soul had already told me and left me conflicted for most of my life. When my grandma passed away, the beginning of my spiritual awakening began. When my father passed away in 2016, well, that was it. The metamorposis spiraled on an entirely different level. It is today that I am being called in a very unorthodox time. 

What a beautiful time of the "underdog" - the OUTLIER. It is in the discomfort where we thrive. It is in this time, like Jesus, we will walk the earth. 

There are some good churches out there, by the way. I still go from time to time filtering out most, taking in only what I need. It is very rare that I resonate with everything said but I spent enough time in church as a kid to know what a good message is. Shit, I've spent enough time with myself to know when a good message stirs my soul. Should I return to church again full time, it will most likely be my own or under the direction of someone very much like me. We need more churches for people like me because yea, I love the music (that's my favorite part) but I also love tarot cards, incense, black cats and mysticism. 

Does that make me the devil? In someone's eyes, perhaps. 

I think it makes me a God who has come to senses with what this is and I think that God, my father, would be very proud of me for finally accepting who I am and embracing it. 

I've been acting like a stepchild but no more of that shit. 

I know who I am. 

So for you: 

God, the universe, Allah, something (whatever you want to call it because I have no debates there - well, I do but that's for another day)... is supporting its people and is asking them/YOU to realize who they/YOU are and to be more like it - a child of a God. Hence, a God/dess. We/YOU are being called. Positioned. Obey, surrender and submit to your role and position in this game of life. 

By the way, the forecast for 2022: 

Lots of heavy Scorpio energy in the air so be ready for the deep transformation, mysticism, the death of the old, etc. that is here to support you through this next phase of your life. In other words, put into practice what the universe has revealed to you or be prepared to be forced into position through deep emotional turmoil - hahahahaha!! You asked for it and the one great thing that the word has taught us is that first, there was the word!!! 

I am a Scorpio, so I am biased. 

Plus, I can handle it. 

Can you? 

If you resist the energies of these changes, those that currently surround us and those to come, you will find yourself in a perpetual cycle of repetition. You will continue to live in a world of horror if you allow what you see to fool you. You will continue to live in this facade. it is a facade in which you have part in its creation. In knowing, you would be much better with your thoughts and what you spent your time focusing on. I listen to some of you speak, and even you have no belief in what you are saying SO LET'S GET REAL. Nevertheless, if you embrace the discomfort, such beauty and greatness awaits you. The wise one knows that it is she that creates her reality. 

Maybe someone should teach us in school that healing is nothing quite linear. Oh - wait! That's why we're all fucked up yet still sending our kids there. Those things are hardly ever taught in school unless you were lucky enough to have a G like me as your teacher. 

I get it. 

Cheers to all of my students - by the way! 

Anyways, your higher self is ready to become one with you. Remember, you have the power. Act like it. 

Buckle up. Welcome to 2022. 

Be present, however, in today. Really. Everything always works out for you, my dear enlighten one. Let your light shine. 


Be easy.




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