Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!


Abundance, abundance, abundance. We have got to find the abundance in all things because it is really truly all around us. And, although we need money and it is a wonderful tool, abundance comes in many forms - via people, places and things. Knowing and understanding this is what is going to get us through this bear market because, it's going down. 

I want to add to that: let us do our best to avoid turning our nose up people who appear less better off than we are because it could very easily become one of us and you'll be off your high horse just like that. In fact, let us understand that no one, including you, is better than anyone else. With no fucks given who they are, NO ONE is better than anyone else regardless of who they are in this material world, who they think they are, who someone has told them that they are or even their status. Count your blessings and remember that we are all in this together and seeing the bigger picture outside of yourself is very beneficial at this time, always and forever.

By the way, real quick like, I'd like to mention that we are headed for a recession, and while I usually never really talk about things like this here, I want to make it very clear that you have got to start learning and focusing on financial literacy, scaling your money, your business (if you have or plan to have one) and your life - your entire existence, actually, but especially with regards to money. Jobs will be letting go of a lot of people and there will be no security in what you thought there once was. So, find ways to make your money grow for you. Your job is, unfortunately, not enough and having one stream of income isn't either. You need to learn how to make money while you sleep, multiple streams of it and how to stop trading in your time for money. Money should be working for you. It is an energy; that is its design except we have become slaves to it in this very capitalistic society and mostly work for it. If you're working for money it is because you love what you are doing and/or it is because you've got to for a limited time due to the said plan above, creating sustainable wealth. As companies begin to prepare for this recession, they will be letting people go and only the most qualified and the most essential will remain. No need to fear - mmm kay? I am just telling you to think ahead and to start paying attention. AI is another factor, as well as many others. But that is another conversation for another day.

So, while you are living in this moment, you better be thinking about tomorrow. No more YOLO at this time (unless you really can). FOCUS. Develop a plan to secure your legacy way beyond your extinction in this bodily form.

I just heard today that there are people who were employed with $500,000.00 A YEAR and today, RIGHT NOW, they have nothing. You know why? Because they were living in the moment. I can relate to this. Be responsible and resourceful with the abundance given to you. Just because there is a lot of it available doesn't mean that you should carelessly waste it. Be mindful of this and use your resources wisely. 


THIS IS FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL and it is time that we do and be GREATER!

Moving on, what in your life are you grateful for? In what ways are you able to reflect and find the abundance all around you? For me, I've got love in all forms from all sorts of places including my dog Star, my cat Olive and her two new kittens, Oreo and Snow. My parents pours into me, maybe not always in the ways that I would like them to, but they give love in the most bountiful and abundant ways, always thinking of me, my brother and our children. Always including us in their plans. It is super sweet. My grandfather is alive and well. My daughters are making me proud as they are my direct reflections. I've done an absolutely amazing job with them and I am extremely grateful. My family and friends seem to all be doing ok. Life is good.

It has, however, been pretty uncomfortable for me, honestly - truly. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone. I am expanding. I am evolving. And, nothing about this is pretty other than watching my life unfold into what I have asked for and what I have declared over my life. My current position is my least favorite position of all times, though. I'd even be honest and say that sometimes, I hate it here. Not literally - just this space in time. However, my skin and health are at the best that they have ever been. I am happy and I am optimistic about the road ahead even if I do not fully understand how I will get there or exactly where I am going. I am still doing good and keeping afloat as I navigate this new space, diving deeper into working independently and stripping old identities and masks in order to exist as my most authentic self. My God self. A sovereign being. 

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now so wherever you happen to find peace, find it. Someone in my WhatsApp group said to us as his contribution to the group, find peace in the places that others may never find it. His exact words were, "find satisfaction in the simple. Instead of calling it a 'bath', call it wading in the sweet water. Instead of calling it a shower, call it rinsing in the waterfall. Find peace where most wouldn't. There is so much we take too seriously. Sometimes, we just need a mental break more than we realize and it's important to have a mindset that prepares one self for such a break often times. long before you know you need it". I wholeheartedly agree with this and I have been working since the start of this year to play more and to ease up. We all should.

Two nights ago we've had a super full moon in Sagittarius. Full moons are a time for us to reflect and release those things that no longer serve us. It is also a very good time of completing projects and things that we have started. With it being a super full moon, this energy is even more powerful than your typical full moon. Also to note, with the moon in Sagittarius, this energy supports and invites us to be playful and to ease up. How perfect the timing? It invites us to be optimistic and to be adventurous. Play a little more. Live a little. Allow this to be your priority at this time. Yea, it is cool to take ourselves seriously with regards to showing up in our own lives and by meeting our goals, however, we can ease up in regards to taking life too seriously. Stop allowing life to take you out of your center. In fact, let us accept accountability for our actions and be more intentional in showing up in this experience. Let us show up ready to take on this life knowing that the more that we show up and the more fun that we have, the more great experiences and fun that we attract into our lives.

I only can speak for myself. That is my priority. 

What is yours?

Enjoy this full moon. Enjoy this energy. Let it support you by being present in every moment. Smell the roses. Really allow yourself to show up in this experience using all of your senses. We're going to play. We are going to have fun. We are going to lighting up. And, we're going to stop taking this life so got damn seriously. It's a game. Play it well. Also, TRUST YOURSELF. TRUST YOUR INTUITION. TRUST WHAT YOU HEAR. TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCT. This energy supports and encourages this.

Check out this Sag Full Moon Money Meditation produced by myself and my drummer and MD, Roderick Williams. The video was made by none other than my secret sauce. Put it on loop and listen to it, for at least 21 days straight, while you sleep so that your subconscious may soak it all in. I hope that you enjoy.


Click here to watch the Sag Full Moon Money Meditation


Be easy,


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