RIMIDI x Context of a Generation x Mango Sessions

Last year, I released a single by the name of Bruce Banner. Around that time, my mind was extremely scattered as I worked on a project that eventually turned into two music projects and a film. At that time though, I had no idea what I was doing but I had a vision and somewhat of a direction towards that vision. I was really frustrated during this time yet super excited about where life seemed to be heading although I had no idea HOW THE FUCK I was going to get there. In the midst of this, the good 'ol people from Context of a Generation, a non-profit organization based in Miami, hit me up and asked to interview me. So, I honored their request. Here it is.

They later invited me to come and perform for Mango Sessions that would premiere this year. It was such an amazing time although I was nervous as hell! I felt like I kept messing up and, to be honest, I was a little less confident in this moment in time about myself and my career as an artist. Nevertheless, it was a great experience that turned out well. To close out the season of the Mango Sessions they premiered the performance today via YouTube. For this performance, I was in the middle of a mental war with our guitarist, Jeff, so we were short a guitarist so only myself and our drummer, Rod, were available. Danny, our bassist, was MIA as per usual. LMAO! Because of this, artist and musician, Frankie Midnight, filled in for us. He is also a part of the organization, Context of a Generation, who created and curates the Mango Session experience. The alignment is always so real how things come together so yea - thank you, Frankie.

For this performance we recorded two songs, one of them being Bruce Banner, but since the direction of the initial project was changed and spawned another project in the process, the other song was pushed to the other project. For this reason, Bruce Banner was the only performance released to the public. Here it is. Enjoy.

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