Hey you, 
it's me, 
your reflection, 


So, here's what have I been sensing:  

Wildness. Freedom. Abundance in all forms. Major healing and releases. Let it go!!! For better is on the way! You've got to trust baby and be present in every part of the process. There are moments where you will be sad and others where you will be happy, none of them are worth more than the other. Each emotion, no matter how extreme, is an expression and crucial part of the process - your process. Lean in more towards those you love as they will give you the support and love that you need during this time. 

The most important word that I keep hearing is to stay in your own lane and to keep your eyes laser focused on your goal. Hold the vision. And, be selective with whom you share your dreams and goals with. Say less. If anything, it's all about preserving the energy. Protect it at all costs and then when you're done, share it with pride. 

Be open to help and collaborations within your network and the community. Be open to new things, people, doors and opportunities that may come your way from the most unexpected places. You have resources surrounding you so instead of focusing on what you lack, focus on what you want. Hmmm... and another thing that I have been sensing, NO FORCING RELATIONSHIPS!!! Be open to doors closing, too. If it is out of alignment then let it be!! Forcing things to work usually fall apart anyways. We've got to normalize ease and things coming to us with ease and grace because YOU DO DESERVE THAT! The days of suffering can come to an end but you must make this decision and declare it first. And, seriously, you've got to do some serious mind and mirror work. I, for one, know that I have been. I mean, I know that I am a self-proclaimed guru and mystic but even I have my roughest of days, having to check myself. I think we all have those days and that is ok. Still, there comes a point where you have to get over yourself knowing that you are ultimately the one responsible for creating this experience and the way that you look at this world and what you experience. We are really our biggest challenge, whatever area in your life that is for you. It's really us competing with our own selves. 

So, yea, work towards your goals knowing that "work" can be defined in so many different ways. Sometimes "work" is as simple as making a phone call. Let's work smarter and play more!! YES to playing! 

As we get over ourselves and the self-sabotage that we are capable of, prepare for what's to come with great faith. Know and declare that the universe has your back and whatever energy resides around and within are serving your highest divine purpose with the highest and most purest intentions. So while we figure this all out, there is something holding, guiding and protecting us along the way. 

Full Moon in Taurus. Straight forward, yet quiet and reserved. I am loving this space. It's a get over yourself and go out there and shine your light kind of energy. Shine your light as in be yourself versus shining your light for others to see. It is in being yourself and creating and existing in your world that your light shines. Focus. Bullseye focus. Laser focus. With play, of course. There IS room to play. 

F*ck what everyone is saying. PLAY.

Live your life but take time to break, get acquainted with self and to honor those around you who reciprocate that good 'ol energy back to you.

Life is about to get Surreal and it comes with your undeniable faith. And, if your life is already Surreal, you have seen nothing yet. 



All is well 

I create my dream life, 


and with intention. 

All of my needs  

are provided for, 

thus, there is no need to worry. 

I release my need to control 

and so I flow like water. 

I accept all phases of the process, 

allowing myself 

to move through each phase 




Til next time... 


Be easy, 


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