Happy Full Moon In Taurus!!

Today, I woke up early as my body has been honoring my request to do so. Now, did I actually get out of bed when my body woke me up? HELL NO - BUT, I am getting there but I am also very ok with where I am. And so, I offer myself this grace as I laid back down with a smile on my face filled with gratitude. Do I know what I am doing most times? Hell no! HAHA! But, I trust that there is something guiding me to the bigger picture. The "what", I've totally got it down pact but the "how", I've decided to let go and to leave that to the universe. I do what I can, focusing only on what I want, and leave room for the universe to do the rest. 

This brings me peace.

I could go deeper, but today, I digress.

I want to really quickly give a shout out my doctor who is an Accupunturist (and serves as my holistic and primary doctor). I love her! Today, after seeing her for the first time in over a year, she tells me that she loves to receive my emails and look forward to reading them. Yes, she is signed up to my mailing list. She loves the way that the message seems to be written to her, in other words - to you. Well, these emails are for you and I hope that they bring you great value as they do her. All I aim to do is be myself and to encourage you all to do the same - be who you are (whatever that looks like and in whatever given time and/or space). Do you. We are all spirits having a human experience. With this knowing, we could then discover that this is the root of all of our problems - the lack of knowing and acting in this, rather.

Moving on, I am feeling and processing a lot these days and a lot of it has to do with my worth and what it really takes in order for me to exist in this world. I might've shared this with you before but hey, it's real and this is what is coming up for me to share with you again so, bare with me. Sometimes I am confident in this knowing and other times, I have struggled with this and when I say struggled, I mean "STRUGGLE". Being the type of person that I am, I would give of myself without requiring much in return because it is, in essence, who I am but over time I have learned that this is truly a lack of self-love and boundaries which usually ends up with everyone else being happy and me, well... being drained and unsatisfied. Well - that shit stops in 2021. In fact, it's over. I wasn't always this way but somehow and somewhere along my journey pieces of me left or died. Well, I have called ALL OF MY ENERGY BACK.

Say goodbye to the old RIMIDI because whoever it is that you once knew of, she is gone. Whatever you thought you heard, who cares.

A new and transformed RIMIDI has surfaced and she is only beginning. 

I've had mad imposter syndrome and really the way that others saw me, I saw only but a fraction of that even in all of my cockiness and royal Goddess-ness-ness-ness. It is now that I have come to appreciate the vastness of all that I am and what I bring to the table, and I am still growing in this knowing. I have taken lots of time to hang out with and even dance with my shadow, getting really acquainted with her. We are becoming good friends, both the ying and yang of who I am or even thought I was. So - what does it really take for me to exist and accomplish my goals knowing that most of my goals consist of and impact many people? Energy is energy. People are energy. Time is energy. My time and the time of everyone who invest into me is energy and is IN FACT currency. My children who require most of my time and energy are expensive with BIG ENERGY!!! Thus, our energy must and will be reciprocated 10x over and then some. This is something that I have already affirmed and if I repeat, it is solely for the purposes of manifesting because I already believe it. It took me a very long time to get here but now I have arrived being much more like water and trusting the process.

It is ok to be reciprocated abundantly and well. Let us normalize this.

So I say to you, on this full moon in Taurus, what is your worth? Do you know? It's ok if you are still deciphering this out. Spending alone time and in meditation will help quiet the noise and bring the answers you seek to you. One thing that I suggest is to ask your question before you fall asleep and voila - the answer will be there the next day! Like - word. Even better, the power of the word is your friend. This is the most optimum time to really visualize and write out what it is that you want. Writing the word solidifies the word so, you can say it but, make sure that you write it down.


I wrote this earlier today and sent this to my two accountability partners. We are making a commitment to writing our affirmations daily and saying them.  I, for one, plan to record myself reading mine out loud and then listening to them daily at night to train my subconscious mind.


What you write about today should be about what no longer serves you and what you are ready to release since it's a full moon; however, this is how I am feeling right now. I feel like daydreaming and writing out what I am daydreaming. I feel like really believing fully and 100000% in my ability to create. I feel like letting go of everything that prohibits me from doing soon. It's ok to do what you feel. There is no right or wrong way. We're all making this shit up anyways.

So yea - write it down (with feeling!!!) and watch it come to life. The more you write it, the more you feel it, the sooner it manifest.

Still need some more convincing? Try it.

Or, I am happy to be on the front lines for you to watch me manifest in real time. I want greatness for you. Join me, shall you? You are worthy of all that you desire. Remember that.

By the way, on Monday, November 22, I am releasing a new single titled, "Surreal" from my upcoming and unreleased album (the name has yet to be released). It is an ode to the old me and the beginning of the changes that were sparked as a result of the inspiration to this song. It's been awhile since I've released any new music so I am looking forward to hearing from you and your thoughts surrounding the song. If you are signed up to my mailing list, you can be the first to know when it is out and be able to keep up with all that is and will be happening with me upcoming. You can sign up and join my mailing list via my website.

"Surreal" single cover art designed by Ashley Collington (@ohsolavishAshley)


Let's reconnect soon because I want to hear all about it.


Til next time...


Be easy,


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