The Remedy (RI-MI-DI) to Anxiety

I keep talking about this anxiety that I had been experiencing because it is such A BIG DEAL to me. So, I decided to do some research and connect with others on ways that I could diminish that I had been feeling. A lot of what I have been feeling had been due to being an empath and feeling so deeply for the world and those who reside in it. I sometimes care so much for others that it comes at the expense of my own health. Additionally, I have been having a lot of emotions surface that all have to do with the unknown, some as far back as my childhood. With everything happening around us that, too, is an unknown. So, as the natural healer I am, I decided to heal myself. I had an assessment as a preliminary before being assigned to a therapist which turned out to become a mini therapy session. In that session, I discovered what I already knew which was that I needed to turn inward and to become selfish. Selfish in a sense that I must put myself first. I needed to shift all of my attention to me. As a result, that is what I have been doing, focusing on me and my two teenage daughters.

I took it a step further and sought out some teas that would help me with this. I loooove teas and I am a huge connoseiur so I might as well turn to what I know. I solicited the guidance of a local tea supplier and she advised me to pick up oatstraw, licorice, blue butterfly pea and a host of other herbs. A really good friend of mine advised me to use chamomile (of course) and passionflower. I blended these teas together and made my own tea blend. Guess what? It worked! I have been feeling a lot more calmer and soothed. Maybe it's my mind but man, I love the art of herbal blends and God's magical garden here on earth. I do feel like my third eye is opening and may be partially blocked so I have been beginning my research on this at the moment.

Anyways, I came here to say that everything we need is here. I wanted to share this experience so that anyone who had been or is experiencing the same will know that there are others who can relate. Being vocal and vulnerable about this have allowed me to see that many others have been experiencing the same. So, yea... if you have been experiencing anxiety, definitely research these herbs and make your own tea blend. On a normal day, I drink tea about 1-3 times a day; before breakfast, at lunch and before bed. On average, I get at least two cups at the start of my day and at its closing. Also, very very deep breathing practices has been very helpful as well. I have never breathed this deeply before in my life and I like to think of myself as a meditation practitioner. Up until now, I feel like my breathing has been shallow and that I was just playing because the way I've been breathing these days - whoa. In these times, you've got to go deep - deeper than you have ever gone before. Save yourself through deepening your spiritual and breathing practices. Connect with the earth. Go out into nature. Move the body. Get some sun. Drink clean water. Eat good food. Exercise. And, definitely laugh a lot more. Live a little or ALOT. 

Be easy. 

Peace and love!!

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