The Enlighten One's Guide to January 2022
  • The Enlighten One's Guide to January 2022
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It's a digital 10+ page guide with info on all the feels for the month of January 2022, as well as the insights for a closer look on each day with divine messages from spirit that shall guide you through the month. 

RIMIDI writes a 10+ page monthly forecast detailing the energies that are felt for the coming month, told in a story like manner. which will influence your love, career, domestic and social life. Come back every month to purchase your copy of RIMIDI’s monthly forecast for the upcoming month for only $8 and have the forecast sent to your inbox. You can order the forecast one month at a time for $8.

Order this guide if you’ve been wanting to receive confirmation regarding the callings of your own intuition. Receive the word. All guides will be delivered digitally as a PDF. Thank you!

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