When did life get so fucking serious? 

When did life get so fucking serious? Bruh - I have had to breath and intentionally breath a whole lot these days to get my shit in order and to maintain that order.

I am feeling A LOT.

I think what I want most at this time is to be able to be and exist as my most authentic self, stripped from any labels and/or expectations of the world around us. I want to be in such a way that I can exist without the anxiety that the uncertainty of this system has created. I have come to the understanding that this place…

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No thank you - ion want your .99 cents 

Whoa - hold on there... read this article in its entirety before you judge me. I chose that title because it speaks with such high intensity and vibration. Its meaning has depth.

It is time that I speak my truth. I have been quiet in regards to the music industry for far too long. I speak mostly in whispers to my close peers whom I call friends. I say whispers because only they know. Everyone knows that I am no whisperer.

But, enough is enough.

I wrote this post because today I was inspired by Ari's Take…

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Back to pre-pandemic life – never!  


Aquarius Full Moon


Disclaimer: If you've been receiving my emails, I told you all last month that I would be moving my very long emails over to my website, here - in this blog. I figured since I love to write so much, I might as well turn my writing into a hobby. I somehow lost the passion somewhere in along the way in writing which is something I really love to do. I think at the moment when it came alot more than what I love to do is where I lost the passion for it. So yea, here I am writing…

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