Happy Full Moon In Taurus!!

Today, I woke up early as my body has been honoring my request to do so. Now, did I actually get out of bed when my body woke me up? HELL NO - BUT, I am getting there but I am also very ok with where I am. And so, I offer myself this grace as I laid back down with a smile on my face filled with gratitude. Do I know what I am doing most times? Hell no! HAHA! But, I trust that there is something guiding me to the bigger picture. The "what", I've totally got it down pact but the…

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Hey you, 
it's me, 
your reflection, 


So, here's what have I been sensing:  

Wildness. Freedom. Abundance in all forms. Major healing and releases. Let it go!!! For better is on the way! You've got to trust baby and be present in every part of the process. There are moments where you will be sad and others where you will be happy, none of them are worth more than the other. Each emotion, no matter how extreme, is an expression and crucial part of the process - your process. Lean in more towards…

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Fearing and Facing the Unknown... oh my! 

I told you guys that I have been experiencing heavy anxiety. *deep sigh* I am getting better. Yesterday and today have been much better days for me as I have been practicing much more intentional mirror work and deep breathing exercises. I have been doing a lot to connect back to myself and to those things that are simple and bring me much joy like riding my bike. I have been having a lot of revelations about my self during this time and, mostly, these revelations have been regarding the unknown and how the…

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The Remedy (RI-MI-DI) to Anxiety  

I keep talking about this anxiety that I had been experiencing because it is such A BIG DEAL to me. So, I decided to do some research and connect with others on ways that I could diminish that I had been feeling. A lot of what I have been feeling had been due to being an empath and feeling so deeply for the world and those who reside in it. I sometimes care so much for others that it comes at the expense of my own health. Additionally, I have been having a lot of emotions surface that all have to do with…

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Immune Boosting Soup Recipe (The Viral Slayer)  

The Back Story on this Soup:

I found this recipe while googling the good 'ol web. I've made it since, three times. Each time has been unique. The reason I made this soup was because my daughters were feeling pretty bad, battling something. All I could think of in this pre/post/current/who in the hell know what is happening period of the pandemic, that I needed to think of something quick that would get them better in no time, all while keeping myself positive and doing everything that I could to keep cool

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