Hey you, 
it's me, 
your reflection, 



Mic check, 1, 2, 3...

My name is RIMIDI - 

I loved how that rhymed.

So, here we are. It is November 9th, the day after my birthday. The day after Election Day, mid-term elections to be exact, in the year of 2022. Also, we had a lunar eclipse in Taurus as well as a Full Moon. It has been an absolutely marvelous and grand time.



2022, however, possibly great, great, great, great times for some, but let me tell you, for most especially those who are Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, I believe they say Leo, but I know for sure the Scorpio and the Taurus... and I know FOR SURE, the Scorpio... this has been a time. Great transformation, great rebirth, great renewal of our spirits, mind, body and soul. And for many of us, we are being faced with lessons that we have failed in the past that are being brought up for us to face once again. The area in which this great lesson is in, it really depends on the individual. For some of us it's finance, for some of us it's career, for some of us, it's our health, for some of us, it is our relationships, love, deep introspection, self reflection and self work, deep deep self work, regardless of the area - it requires us to really introspect. What is it that is holding us back? While also letting go and relinquishing control, the desire to be in control. The desire to have everything go how you think it should. *Deep sigh* Even though, my friend, my dear great ones, some things are out of our control, regardless of how much control we think we have or should have, yes.






But, I will say that this is a time to be alive. We are learning so much and so much is being revealed. So much information at the palm of our hands, available to us, ready - ready. Sometimes, though, so much information can cause an overload and can possibly cause procrastination, fear, fear of failure, scared to fail but we know this year has taught us that failure is most certainly apart of life. Failure, "failure", is a part of life. In school we are taught that failure is bad. Whenever we do an assignment and our assignment is less than A-B quality, our teachers shun us, our parents shun us. Many of our teachers, many of our parents shun us. I know, for one, that when I was a teacher, I shunned my kids and my children and my students, all of them - one in the same. I shunned them when they performed less than what I expected. But, what I should've been teaching them is that hey, sometimes, we will fail. Now, does this mean that you should keep on failing over and over and over again? No, but it means that it could possibly happen because that's just how life works. But what we do ,for certain, and with all certainty, what we want to do is make sure that are L's are much smaller and less frequent and we want to make sure our wins are bigger and more frequently. That is for sure the overall theme and lesson of the year. Say it ain't so. I'm sure that there are other themes and lessons that are floating for each of us individually some more, resonating more, with others, more but I tell you what... whatever it is, you know what it is and you know that you are exactly where you need to be. You keep trying to push pass that and keep finding yourself back at square one. This time, take the lesson, really sit with it, integrate what is being taught and then take baby steps. Or even cautious, greater steps, managing your risk, really looking and taking the wisdom that you've gained from the past and taking it with you proceeding forward, trusting yourself, trusting your ability to do what you can while simultaneously letting go and allowing all those little intricacies that need to happen, those positions that need to be placed, those movements that need to happen and be moved. Some things supernatural. You feel me? Some things that, really... [and to be frank] you said something and you said it with so much conviction, everything is moving around for you,. Everything and everyone is moving around for you. 

Just know that this is an incredible full moon experience - for all of us.

I want to just shout out all of my loved ones near and far. All of my friends and family. I love you. 

Shouting out the #ivotedfestival, Emily, The TxLips Band, GG, my band: Jeff, Danny, Rod. Shout out to everyone. Y'all are so phenomenal. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Thank you to my daughters. Thank you to my mother, to my father, to my grandfather. Happy birthday to my aunt, Sonya.


My friends threw my a surprise party, y'all. Shout out to Fab, Marc, Danielle, Theo, Vanessa and Passion. Thank you to everyone that showed up and to all of the calls, messages and texts. I love you all, so much. 


By the way, if you missed my #ivotedfestival performance, catch it here.


Enjoy this transition as it is for your greater good. Keep this knowing at the forefront of your thoughts, mind, spirit, body and soul. 

Til next time...



Be easy, 



Where have you been, RIMIDI? 

I know, I know... 

Where have you been, RIMIDI? 

Especially, after harassing us for weeks for a vote, which we didn't win, by the way. LOL - it's cool. Thank you all for the votes! We ran a great race and we are always winners even when we lose! 

But yea... my bad. 

Look - I've been living and navigating as best as I can, 2022. JUST. LIKE. YOU. I could say a whole lot but I'll hold it until our upcoming Full Moon Newsletter in November. 

I just wanted to share something with you real quick like, doe...



RIMIDI x #ivotedfestival2022!

Happy early birthday to me! 

The band and I were invited to perform in the #ivotedfestival2022 event which actually takes place on Election Day, which happens to be my BIRTHDAY, November 8th! We will be performing amongst 400+ amazing artists including Billie Eilish, Finneas and the TxLips Band - shout out to the TxLips Band, by the way, for the opportunity and for lending us their stage!



RSVP for the #ivoted Fest and a chance to win tickets here

You can also check out Episode 15.5: Early Voting + Artists Trending in The South #ivoted podcast featuring myself. Listen here



Take care of yourself as you navigate these eclipse energies. Expect the unexpected - good and/or bad. 

Until next time... 


Be easy, 


Today's Prompt: I know this is stupid and a waste of time, but... 

Today's prompt: 

I know this is stupid and a waste of time, but...

I know this is stupid and a waste of time, but I sit around and do nothing. Not all of the time but often times. Really, its not that I am doing nothing. I am doing a lot of thinking. Perhaps, too much thinking. Thinking about this and thinking about that. Planning this and planning that. I  overthink and over plan so much that it paralyzes me to the point of doing nothing - that is what I mean. I mean, I really care little about how anyone interpreted that or what they thought I meant or anything else for that matter but to clarify, that is what I mean or meant. I am wasting time and, yep, it is stupid yet necessary, I guess. Still, I have a still voice in my head that tells me that I am exactly where I need to be while yet another voice interjects and tells me girl, “alright now, let’s get to it”. I struggle with both of these voices and when I have the surge of energy come through, I fight through the notion that I am exactly where I need to be into the notion of this is where I am going once I finally begin to move. I’ve written out my thoughts a million and one times enough, I am sure, to have 1,001 business plans on deck for you, me, them, us we – all of us. We are all going to be set let me tell ya! Haha. Even though its not funny it is and sometimes, I just have to have myself a laugh to get through. But truly, I feel it’s stupid that I have to be pushed up against a wall sometimes in order to get things done but when I am working for others, it is no problem. I can see their problem and their solution and fix it so fast without any hesitation but when it comes to me I overthink and overthink and overthink to the point of no return. This is called perfectionism but is it really perfectionism when you fail to start or to keep going because you torture yourself with an influx of thoughts? I think that that is called procrastination or maybe it is fear? Well, they say that procrastination is caused by fear, a fear of your own potential and where it could actually lead you. Why am I so afraid of where my life wants to take me? Why am I so afraid of my own potential? Why am I so afraid of me? I know that this is stupid and a waste of time but yea, I procrastinate. And, I procrastinate bad. And, yea, it sucks. I just want to get back on my high horse and ride that bitch into paradise. I am definitely on my way there once I get passed myself. I am definitely on my way. Thus, this stupid act of wasting time will be behind me especially since I plan to write down my manifestations and visualize them when the lions gate portal opens on August 8th, in just a few short days. I have been preparing my body by cleaning up my diet and by giving it the finest and cleanest of foods. When I look back on this time after August 8th, I am going to see that I have prepped my mind and ready myself to get onto the other side of me, the other side of procrastination. The end of the stupidness and wasting time.


August 3, 2022 | 6:46PM EST | Written by RIMIDI

Unbeknownst to me... 


Hey you, 
it's me, 
your reflection, 


Peace Gods and Goddesses! 

I hope that today you are feeling God! 


Unbeknownst to me, there is this very cool feature inside of my Opening Act profile that let's me see who is voting for me, how often they are voting for me and who my top voters are. I discovered it over the weekend. 

Oh, how I love the transparency! 



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By the way, we just had a New Moon in Leo which means that the energies that currently surrounds us are boldly supporting us in the areas of speaking your truth loud, ferociously and unapologetically, having and balancing fun, productivity and, you know it, celebration!!! 


Be in the energy of celebration and watch how more of that energy finds its way to you! Celebrate the big and the small wins as well as the wins for others! 




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