Where have you been, RIMIDI?

I know, I know... 

Where have you been, RIMIDI? 

Especially, after harassing us for weeks for a vote, which we didn't win, by the way. LOL - it's cool. Thank you all for the votes! We ran a great race and we are always winners even when we lose! 

But yea... my bad. 

Look - I've been living and navigating as best as I can, 2022. JUST. LIKE. YOU. I could say a whole lot but I'll hold it until our upcoming Full Moon Newsletter in November. 

I just wanted to share something with you real quick like, doe...



RIMIDI x #ivotedfestival2022!

Happy early birthday to me! 

The band and I were invited to perform in the #ivotedfestival2022 event which actually takes place on Election Day, which happens to be my BIRTHDAY, November 8th! We will be performing amongst 400+ amazing artists including Billie Eilish, Finneas and the TxLips Band - shout out to the TxLips Band, by the way, for the opportunity and for lending us their stage!



RSVP for the #ivoted Fest and a chance to win tickets here

You can also check out Episode 15.5: Early Voting + Artists Trending in The South #ivoted podcast featuring myself. Listen here



Take care of yourself as you navigate these eclipse energies. Expect the unexpected - good and/or bad. 

Until next time... 


Be easy, 


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